Thursday, December 16, 2010

New website and New blog

I have finally moved into a new website and I am more than happy with it. I have also moved my blog over to the new site..

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Friday, June 11, 2010


It feels so good to be back teaching.
After a long winter doing administrative work to get Primitive Arts Collective off the ground I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor.
It started with an amazing memorial day weekend at the MAPS meet in Maryland. It was great to teach throwing arts, stalking, and camo. One group of kids did amazingly well with their camo. It reminded me how important it is to share the primitive arts with kids, as they are going to be the ones to make hard choices in the future. By exposing them to these skills it helps them establish a connection with the world around them. One of the reasons there is so much destruction in our society is that people in general lack a connection to much of anything, therefore it is easy to turn a blind eye to the ills of the planet, nature, and the society around them. By reconnecting kids to nature, we start a process that is likely to carry through to other areas in their lives, helping them to grow in to conscious adults who will not settle for the status quo.

Another thing I really cherish about the MAPS meet is all the new friends. It is a great feeling to meet some new people who share a common goal. As I said in a previous post we all need to come together to reach as many as possible and effect some real change. When groups are scattered and divided we are only working against our common goals. Building community is perhaps one of the most important things that we can do in this age of uncertainty.

I just arrived back in Cincinnati yesterday after teaching a class called Art and Science of Primitive Living in Saratoga Springs, NY. The group was very passionate and eager to learn, and because of this we were able to quickly exhaust the original outline and get a lot of Extra skills into their heads. Every skill we taught was crafted by our students with the utmost of care and thanksgiving, each of them truly creating functional art.

I would like to give thanks to Catherine and Andrew of Black Umbrella for sponsoring the class. I am honored to have the both of you as friends and colleagues and I know that wonderful things are in store because of the relationship between Black umbrella and Primitive Arts Collective.

It was also a blessing to have such wonderful help for the week. I owe many thanks to Brian Schuch for coming to help me teach this class. Brian, you are truly an inspiration. Your level of passion and hunger for the primitive arts is astounding. You are a shining example of how we should immerse ourselves in life. I could not have pulled off such an amazing class without your help!!

Last but not definitely not least I need to thank Brad Salon and Sarah Corrigan from Roots vt.( I have known Brad and Sarah since they were interns at Tracker School years ago. After leaving Tracker they threw themselves head first into learning these artforms and now have a school in Vermont where they share there knowledge and experience of Primitive skills and wilderness survival. The last two days of class they taught Hide working, flint knapping, and edible plants. It was truly a highlight of the week. I could think of no better way to wrap up an amazing class! Thank you both!

In a day I am off to Washburn, Illinois to teach at Art and Science in the Woods. This is an annual event put together by the Sun Foundation where I will be teaching primitive skills and wilderness survival to kids. I am really looking forward to the class, as well as seeing some old friends.

On June 24, I will be giving a lecture at Art in the Age in Philadelphia, Pa. I hope to see some you there. Keep an eye on my website for more details.

You can also find more info on my schedule by checking out Primitive Arts Collective FB page by clicking the banner to the right.

Hope to see you all soon.
Give thanks!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My past, present, and future plans....

I am sure by now many of you may have heard that I have left New Jersey and moved to Ohio. You may have also heard that I am also no longer working at The Tracker School. I have indeed moved to Cincinnati. The Midwest is beautiful, and this part of Ohio is known for its many native sites as well as many mounds, including the serpent mound, which is the largest effigy mound in the world. As you can imagine this whole area has a very intense energy.
I have spent the last 7 years working at Tracker school. I had many amazing experiences during my time there, getting to educate thousands of wonderful people from around the world, all the time doing a job I loved. I am so very thankful for my years there and the wealth of friendships and memories I will carry with me for the rest of my days. It is with heavy heart that I say goodbye to my Tracker family and the Pine Barrens. What the future holds for me there I cannot say, only time will tell. I will take this time to thank my father for instilling in me a passion for the Wilderness and the Primitive skills that sustained our ancestors, and how to fight to save the earth one person at a time. Dad, I love you.

Moving on to the present I will use this posting as to announce something that has consumed a huge amount of my time as of late. I have founded my own school, which I will be calling the “Primitive Arts Collective”. My mission statement is as follows:
“To foster a better understanding of nature and the earth by learning and practicing the ancient skills that sustained our ancestors. By doing so we develop a deeper connection with life itself, and learn how to exist in an ever-changing world”.
One of my goals is to teach classes here in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana area. I meet more and more people everyday that are excited to learn primitive skills and I look forward to the first classes which are going to be coming up rather quickly. I will also be travelling to teach, Visiting groups and other like-minded organizations in this country and abroad.

Another goal of mine is to bring together, from time to time, some of the great teachers of the primitive arts at one location to teach groups of people. It seems to me that there is often a separation that exists between organizations for one reason or another. In this day and age there is more need than ever to pass on the collective knowledge that we share. By being scattered and divided we do not reach as many people, and in turn more of the earth succumbs to destruction.

Lastly, I want to mention another organization I have been working with. It always seems that when one door closes another opens. I am glad that I know when you open yourself to the universe the universe opens to you! For the past several months I have had the pleasure of consulting for an amazing company know as “Black Umbrella”. Their mission; Black Umbrella builds practical, efficient disaster plans for individuals, couples and families. I have been helping them do everything from designing emergency first aid kits, to training their tactical specialists in Urban and wilderness survival and tactical awareness. I look forward to June when we do the first ever “Arts and Science of Primitive Living” class for clients and specialists. I will take this opportunity to thank Catherine and Andrew for this great opportunity and all of the Business mentoring I have received from them. You guys are awesome and I look forward to working woth for a long time to come!!!

I finally have my website up and running. You can visit the site at
The site is VERY basic but will be expanding daily. For now you can find out info about the school as well as some upcoming classes. There is also a contact page on the site if you want me to put you on my mailing list or if you have any questions for me.

Information about the school can be found on Facebook;

Primitive Arts collectives Facebook page:

And lastly the Actual address;

Primitive Arts Collective PO box 58352 Cincinnati Oh 45258
phone # 513.878.0400

please contact me If you are interested in booking a class at your location or you may be interested in teaching a class through Primitive Arts Collective. Any questions about anything can always be directed to me through the Primitive Arts Collective website contact page.

I can also be found on Facebook at;

And twitter;

I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and continuing support! I hope to see you all in the near future. Give thanks, Tom Brown III

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Giving thanks...

HI everyone! I know that it has been a while since I posted last. Been wrapped up in a lot of other things as of late and have not been able to keep on top of it. I am going to try from here on out to be more consistent with my posts.
I am going to keep this entry short. In a day or so I will be posting again about my past, present and future plans and projects.

Firstly, I wanted to talk about the subject of thanksgiving. As I sit here this morning I realize that even though there is a lot going on in my life right now, I have so much to be thankful for. I could only focus on my problems and negativities and allow them to drag me down or I can recognize both and achieve some sort of balance. Often times in life, we tend to focus on all the negative things. We let problems and negativities dominate our lives. In a sense we become slaves to them. There are plenty of people out there who let their problems define them.
Truth be told Almost all of us have many more things to be thankful for than we do problems. When we take time everyday to think of what we are thankful for it can really put our problems into perspective, often times making them easier to resolve.

It is also my firm belief that thanksgiving is the most sincere form of prayer because you are not asking for anything. Often times when people pray they are in a bind or they need something. Rarely do people just give thanks for being alive, for friends and family, the food they eat or the earth just to name a few.
When you try and exist in an open state of thanksgiving you will be in for a pleasant change in your point of view. You will get more joy out of life, and your problems just might be a little easier to deal with knowing you have some wonderful things in your life!
As I said before, there will be another post in a few days about what is going on with me as of late. I have some great news about my latest projects that I think you will all be excited about. Stay tuned!